The days in whicTimh we live are marked with social unrest across the globe. Political instability and Islamic radicalism are sweeping through Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and other countries. World governments are injecting money into their respective economies at unprecedented rates. In the United States the percentage of the population dependent upon government subsidies has risen to unsustainable levels. Currently the total US debt (private and public) is $66 trillion dollars or $205,000 per citizen. In addition the total US unfunded liabilities exceeds $104 trillion for an additional $873,000 per taxpayer. The United States is not alone, the European Union, China, Japan, and others have also inflated their economies. At some point a global economic collapse or reset is inevitable. As a Christian are you questioning how or whether to prepare for these times of unrest? Do you fear the worst is yet to come?

My name is Tim Swineford and I share these same concerns. As a successful business owner I understand the negative effects of liberal government policies, government debt, and unsustainable spending. As a parent I fear for the spiritual, financial, and even physical security of my family as social unrest increases. As a Christian I am watchful for events which our Lord has determined in preparation for His return. I believe that the Word of God is a Christian’s guide to navigate these unstable times. Educated as an engineer, experienced in business, and seminary trained in Bible and original languages, my hope is The Christian Survival Network will encourage and equip others with information and resources in preparation for tomorrow and the days ahead.