When the power is out batteries are a premium. Add this hand crank radio to your emergency preparedness communications. Receive AM/FM, and all 7 NOAA weather bands. Charge USB devices such as smart phones. Operates on a rechargeable battery by crank, AC adaptor, and built in solar panel. Includes LED flashlight and flashing beacon. For the price it’s a great product to own. High ratings.

This pocket AM/FM radio is perfect for back-up communications. Runs on two AA batteries. Has good reception and for the price what’s not to like.

Need two way communication? Look no further than the Motorola MJ270R. Don’t be deceived by the “27 mile” range, that’s only in ideal conditions with no line of sight obstacles. However a 1-2 mile range can be expected in most rural or smaller urban settings. Includes all 7 NOAA channels, hands free communications, and LED flashlight. Runs on 3 AA alkaline batteries or a rechargeable NiMH battery pack (optional).

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